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ODL – Multi-Country Drilling Contract Agreed for Deepsea Mira

Published 14.12.2022

Odfjell Drilling Ltd (“Odfjell Drilling” or the “Company”) is pleased to note
the announcement made by Northern Ocean Ltd (“NOL”), which states that the
Company, on behalf of NOL, has agreed with TotalEnergies a multi-country
drilling contract for the Deepsea Mira outside the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

Initially commencing in Namibia, the contract is expected to begin in the middle
of Q2 2023 and has an estimated firm duration of 300 days plus two options of
180 days and 90 days, respectively.

As a reminder to shareholders, as per the announcement on 23 December 2021,
Odfjell Drilling has agreed with NOL to provide marketing and management
services for the Mira and has already begun reactivation activities and
mobilisation preparation in anticipation of a contract being signed.

Kjetil Gjersdal, Chief Executive Officer of Odfjell Drilling AS commented:
“Since taking on management and marketing for the Deepsea Mira, we have worked
tirelessly on facilitating the vessel being operational. Agreeing this contract
with TotalEnergies, the third new major client we have agreed a contract with in
recent months, is very exciting for our Company and we look forward to working
with NOL and TotalEnergies to meet expectations safely and efficiently.”

For further queries, please contact:

James Crothers, Investor Relations Officer
+44(0)7393 766 446

London, United Kingdom
14 December 2022
Odfjell Drilling Ltd

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