Working with us

In Odfjell Drilling, we achieve results together. Our people have been the pillars of our success for over 50 years.

By leveraging diverse, cross-functional teams, we drive innovation, sustainability and technological improvements across the business.

As we enter the energy transition, our people will stay at the heart of what we do to drive change as we continue to shape and grow the business.

We constantly seek new talent. As a new member of the Odfjell family, you will be encouraged to use your initiative, experience and talent to help deliver the company vision. No matter your location, we expect our employees to represent our core values by being creative, competent, result-oriented and committed, while always being safety conscious.

To help support competency, we invest in leadership programs and provide trainees with real on-the-job experience. Our employees report high-levels of empowerment, open dialogue and trust.The energy transition of the coming decades will require a more diverse workforce than ever before.

Early Careers

Whether you are a student, apprentice or recent graduate we are looking for people willing to take on challenges and show their abilities, and those dedicated to making a difference.


Apprentices have been an important part of the Odfjell family since 1999. We offer positions within various disciplines including drilling, mechanical and office-based roles.

Employee stories

Working offshore has been a new and very positive experience.

Jon Marius Gulliksen, Apprentice Norway offshore

A job in the oil industry was something that seemed very exciting to me. There is a very good working environment with varied working days, so every day is interesting and educational. We always work together on the same shift, so the relationship will my colleagues is improving all the time.​

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Employee stories

I’ve been positively surprised by the culture as a woman. Everyone welcomes you and there’s a commitment to getting to know each other.

Sara L. Røkenes, Apprentice Norway offshore

There have been a lot of exciting technology improvements on the rigs recently, so there’s many different electrical installations and a skilled team to learn from. I’ve been positively surprised by the culture as a woman. Everyone welcomes you and there’s a commitment to getting to know each other. ​

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We give younger students an opportunity to explore their career options with hands-on experience to develop their skills and abilities. Students get the opportunity to gain valuable insight into the workplace in preparation for their future career, while we value the new ideas and energy that students bring into the workplace.

Maritime Trainees

Our maritime trainees will take on exciting tasks both onshore and offshore as part of a challenging learning curve. Those showing initiative and engagement will have the opportunity to step up into exciting permanent positions after the trainee program.

Employee stories

I have gained valuable experience by combining work on land and offshore

Maria Hjellvik​, earlier Maritime Trainee who is now a permanent employee the company​

As a trainee at Odfjell Drilling, I have gained valuable experience by combining work on land and offshore, and among other things have been challenged in developing solutions for more energy efficient operation of the floating rigs. In addition, I have gained a greater understanding of the maritime industry by attending gatherings through the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association’s Maritime Trainee programme, where I have also become part of a professional and social network across several companies in the industry. ​

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Inclusion and Diversity

We believe that diversity and inclusion are pre-conditions to succeed in a global marketplace. We believe our company values should be reflected in the everyday behaviour of our leaders and employees alike. We expect the Odfjell family to show their commitment to this approach in action, not just words.

Commitments and Goals: 

  • Zero tolerance for bullying and harassment  
  • Zero tolerance for discriminatory and exclusionary behaviour 
  • Equal opportunities and transparency in processes.
  • Welcome and support people of all sexual orientation and gender identities 
  • Diversity in top management 
  • Increase women in management roles
  • Increase hiring of women in Offshore
  • Build for the future through apprentice, trainees and internship opportunities  

By recognising the advantages of a diverse workforce, we are committed to improving our gender balance and diversity across all levels of the group. We work to actively remove barriers that once deterred women from working offshore. Odfjell Family is looking for more ways to encourage women to develop long-term careers offshore and fill leadership roles across the group.  

Employee stories

From my first day I have been welcomed and included into the Odfjell Drilling team.​

Rebekka Støle Mjønes​, Norway onshore ​

I have been involved in several interesting projects, working along highly qualified, professional and passionate colleagues who always seek for better, safer and more sustainable solutions.​

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