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ODL – Distribution of shares in Odfjell Technology Ltd and amendments to the board of directors

Published 23.03.2022


Reference is made to the stock exchange announcement by Odfjell Drilling Ltd.
(“Odfjell Drilling”, OSE: ODL) and Odfjell Technology Ltd (“Odfjell Technology”,
OSE: OTL) on 1 March 2022 regarding completion of the internal reorganisation
whereby the relevant Well Services and Energy companies became subsidiaries of
Odfjell Technology, and the announcement on 23 February 2022 regarding Odfjell
Technology’s application for admission to trading on the Oslo Stock Exchange
(the “Listing”).

The Oslo Stock Exchange has today approved Odfjell Technology’s application for
Listing conditional upon Odfjell Technology obtaining a minimum of 500
shareholders, each holding shares with a value of more than NOK 10,000, and
there being a minimum free float of the shares of 21.9%. Odfjell Drilling and
Odfjell Technology expect that these conditions will be fulfilled through the
distribution of the shares in Odfjell Technology to the shareholders in Odfjell
Drilling as further described below. The Listing is expected to occur on or
about 29 March 2022, subject to timely publication of a prospectus (the
“Prospectus”) approved by the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority and
satisfaction of the conditions set for the Listing by the Oslo Stock Exchange.
No assurance can at this stage be given that the conditions for Listing will be
satisfied in time or at all. The Oslo Stock Exchange has furthermore approved
Odfjell Technology’s application for listing of its bond issue with ISIN NO 001
2439480, also subject to final approval and publication of the Prospectus. The
listing of the bonds is expected to occur on or about 29 March 2022.

The board of directors of Odfjell Drilling has today resolved a distribution in
specie of up to 39,463,867 shares in Odfjell Technology (“OTL Shares”) held by
Odfjell Drilling to the shareholders of Odfjell Drilling holding common shares
of Odfjell Drilling as at the close of trading on the Oslo Stock Exchange on 24
March 2022 (and being registered as such in the Norwegian Central Securities
Depository (the “VPS”) as at the expiry of business on 28 March 2022 pursuant to
the VPS’ standard two days’ settlement procedure) (the “Record Date”). The
Odfjell Drilling shareholders will receive one OTL Share for every six common
shares held in Odfjell Drilling as of the Record Date, rounded down to the
nearest whole share. The distribution is subject to satisfaction of the
conditions for Listing set by the Oslo Stock Exchange.

Any OTL Shares that are not distributed due to the downwards rounding will be
kept by Odfjell Drilling. Since fractions of shares represent a small value
compared to the cost of distributing a cash compensation for such fractions,
these will not be compensated through cash payments to the affected
shareholders. The shares in the Company are expected to be delivered to the VPS
accounts of the relevant Odfjell Drilling shareholders on or about 29 March

Alasdair Shiach and Susanne Munch Thore have tendered their resignations from
the board of directors of Odfjell Drilling with effect from the Listing.
Further, Helene Odfjell has tendered her resignation as the Chairperson of board
of directors of Odfjell Drilling with effect from the Listing, but will stay on
as a regular board member in Odfjell Drilling. Simen Lieungh has today been
appointed as Chairperson of the board of directors of Odfjell Drilling with
effect from Listing. Hence, provided that Listing occurs and with effect from
such time, the board of directors of Odfjell Drilling will consist of the
following persons ; Simen Lieungh (chair), Helene Odfjell, Thomas Marsoner and
Harald Thorstein, and the board of directors of Odfjell Technology will consist
of the following persons ; Helene Odfjell (chair), Susanne Munch Thore, Alasdair
Shiach and Victor Vadaneaux.

Following Simen Lieungh’s appointment as CEO and Jone Torstensen’s appointment
as CFO in Odfjell Technology, Kjetil Gjersdal has been appointed as new CEO, and
Frode Skage Syslak as new CFO of Odfjell Drilling, with effect from the Listing.

Odfjell Drilling has two classes of shares: common shares and preference shares,
of which only the common shares are listed. The preference shares are held by
Akastor AS (“Akastor”), do not carry any voting rights and entitles Akastor to a
preferred dividend payment. Odfjell Drilling has also issued warrants for
5,925,000 ordinary shares to Akastor, which remain exercisable in six equal
tranches from 2019 to 2024. The preference shares and the warrants are regulated
by a preference share investment agreement and a warrant investment agreement,
both entered into on 27 April 2018. In connection with the contemplated Listing,
a separate amendment agreement to these agreements has been entered into,
pursuant to which it has been agreed with Akastor that the preference shares and
the warrants shall remain in Odfjell Drilling in full upon the distribution of
the OTL Shares, and hence no such preference shares or warrants will be issued
by Odfjell Technology. The strike price and number of warrants shall following
completion of the distribution of the OTL Shares be adjusted in accordance with
the original warrant investment agreement based on the relative value of ODL and
OTL after the distribution to be calculated on the basis of the average market
capitalization of ODL and OTL during the first 30 trading days of the OTL Shares
on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

This information is subject to the disclosure requirements of the Oslo Stock
Exchange pursuant to Oslo Rule Book II – Issuer Rules.

For further queries, please contact:
Gillian Basson, Corporate Secretary
+44 (0)7796 547889

Aberdeen, United Kingdom
23 March 2022
Odfjell Drilling Ltd.

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