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Aker BP Extends Deepsea Nordkapp Firm Contract to end 2026

Odfjell Drilling Ltd. is pleased to announce the signing of an amendment withAker BP which extends the firm contract for the Deepsea Nordkapp. The extended term shall commence on 1st January 2025 in direct continuation ofthe current firm contract…

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ODL - Multi-Country Drilling Contract Agreed for Deepsea Mira

Odfjell Drilling Ltd ("Odfjell Drilling" or the "Company") is pleased to note the announcement made by Northern Ocean Ltd ("NOL"), which states that…

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ODL - Further Extension of Neptune Energy Norge contract

Odfjell Drilling Ltd ("Odfjell Drilling") is pleased to announce that on behalf of CIMC OFFSHORE AS, the Company has agreed to extend the contract…

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ODL - Major Shareholder Disclosure Notification and Notification of Transaction by Closely Associated Person

Odfjell Partners Ltd ("OPL") has resolved to demerge and as a consequence OPL's shareholding in Odfjell Drilling Ltd ("ODL") will be transferred to…

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Financial calendar

Financial calendar for Odfjell Drilling Ltd FINANCIAL YEAR 2022 16.02.2023 - Quarterly Report - Q4 FINANCIAL YEAR 2023 23.08.2023 -…

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Odfjell Drilling: Repurchase of preference shares

Further to the announcement on 27 April 2018 by Odfjell Drilling Ltd ("Odfjell Drilling" or the "Company") the Company has today repurchased the…

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ODL - Options Exercised for Deepsea Atlantic on Johan Sverdrup Phase 2

Odfjell Drilling Ltd, ("Odfjell Drilling") is pleased to note that Equinor Energy AS ("Equinor") has exercised its priced options for the Deepsea…

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Odfjell Drilling Ltd. - Presentation in today's Investor Conference Call

Please find attached the Q3 2022 Presentation which will be used as a basis for today's investor conference call at 14:00hrs CET. There will be a…

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Odfjell Drilling Ltd. reports for the third quarter of 2022

- Operating revenue of USD 165 million - EBITDA of USD 81 million - EBIT of USD 37 million - Net profit of USD 12 million Please see the…

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ODL - Contract Signed for Hercules

Odfjell Drilling Ltd, ("Odfjell Drilling"), is pleased to note the signing of a contract between ExxonMobil Canada Ltd ("ExxonMobil") and SFL…

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Odfjell Drilling Ltd. - Q3 2022 earnings announcement date and conference call details

In connection with the Q3 2022 earnings announcement on Thursday 24 November 2022, Odfjell Drilling Ltd will host an investor conference call on the…

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Thomas Marsoner has today on 09 November 2022 resigned as Director of Odfjell Drilling Ltd. Pursuant to the Company's Bye-Laws, the Board of…

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Major Shareholder Disclosure Notification - ODFJELL DRILLING LTD

Please see attachment on www.newsweb.no

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