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ODL – Key information regarding distribution of shares in Odfjell Technology Ltd

Published 23.03.2022


Reference is made to the announcement by Odfjell Drilling Ltd. (“Odfjell
Drilling” or the “Company”, OSE: ODL) on 23 March 2022 regarding the
distribution of up to 39,463,867 shares in Odfjell Technology Ltd (“OTL”) to its
shareholders and the listing of the shares in OTL on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

– Date of approval of the distribution: 23 March 2022
– Last day including right: 24 March 2022
– Ex-date: 25 March 2022
– Record date: 28 March 2022
– Distribution date: On or about 29 March 2022*
– Listing date: On or about 29 March 2022**
– Exchange ratio: Six ODL shares give the right to receive one OTL share
(rounded down to the nearest number
of whole shares)***
– ISIN for the OTL shares: BMG6716L1081

* Completion of the distribution is subject to satisfaction of the conditions
set for the listing by the Oslo Stock Exchange.

** Subject to timely publication of a prospectus approved by the Norwegian
Financial Supervisory Authority and satisfaction of the conditions set for the
listing by the Oslo Stock Exchange, the OTL shares and OTL’s bond issue with
ISIN NO 001 2439480 are expected to be listed and commence trading on the Oslo
Stock Exchange on or about 29 March 2022. No assurance can at this stage be
given that the conditions for listing will be satisfied in time or at all.

*** In relation to the internal reorganisation and spin-off of OTL, ODL has
estimated the value of the distributed shares in OTL to NOK 4.39 per ODL share.
Please note that this valuation has been prepared previously for corporate,
accounting and tax purposes and may not be indicative of the market
capitalisation of OTL once trading in the OTL shares commences at the Oslo Stock
Exchange. Since fractions of shares represent a small value compared to the cost
of distribution of a cash compensation for such fractions, these will not be
compensated through cash payments to the affected shareholders and the shares in
OTL not distributed due to the rounding will be kept by ODL.

This information is subject to the disclosure requirements of the Oslo Stock
Exchange pursuant to Oslo Rule Book II – Issuer Rules.

For further queries, please contact:
Gillian Basson, Corporate Secretary
+44 (0)7796 547889

Aberdeen, United Kingdom
23 March 2022
Odfjell Drilling Ltd.

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