Location: Norway

Employment type: Trainee


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Trainee Subsea Engineer

Published 14.11.2022

Are you ready to join out Trainee Subsea Engineer program 2023-2025?

Upon completion of an approx. two years Trainee period you will be qualified to apply for a Subsea Engineer position within the company.



 Mechanical/ hydraulic engineering education is recommended. Preferably an engineering
degree. Extensive work experience can replace formal education.
 Good English and Norwegian communication skills, both oral and written.
 Sufficient computer skills.
 Systematic familiarisation / competence assessment(s) for position.
 Comprehensive rig experience from relevant technical position can compensate for
formal education.
 The candidate must be highly motivated and flexible during the Trainee period.
 Basic hydraulic competence is necessary.


 Take an active part in the preparation and implementation of training program.
 Show active interest and initiative in their own training.
 Use active learning / evaluation during the training period.
 Give feedback for improvements to Instructor, Unit Management and HR contact.


Trainee Subsea Engineer is authorized to take all necessary steps to maintain and ensure
safe working conditions within his area of responsibility.


Senior Subsea Engineer.