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Contact person: Laura Fraser


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Mate/DPO – MODU International

Published 23.05.2023

Are you looking for a new challenge? 

Positions are for Fixed Term Employment for the duration of the awarded contracts and will be through Deepsea Management International AS company.



  • STCW Deck Officer Cert. class 4/STCW II/1 – OOW Deck Certificate
  • General Radio Officer certificate GOC/GMDSS
  • Unlimited DP Certificate
  • Systematic familiarisation/Competence Assessment(s) for position
  • Documented relevant practical experience from offshore/maritime operations
  • In compliance to the Flag State competence requirements
  • In compliance to the continental shelf requirements
  • Fluent written/oral English language



The position Mate/DPO is the same position but has two functions depending if operating DP or not.

General duties/responsibilities

  • Mate/DPO shall continuously monitor the rig’s alarm systems, position and movement if not on DP or PM, and weather/wave conditions and assist with stability calculations, as well as responsible for the operation of the GMDSS station.
  • Mate/DPO shall monitor all communications between the unit and onshore, boats, helicopters, etc. in accordance with the international regulations relating to radio communication.
  • Mate//DPO shall monitor maritime activity related to the unit and be continuously updated on positions of any supply ships, support vessels and helicopters and keep a log of same.
  • Mate/DPO shall keep control of work permits.
  • Mate/DPO shall be keeper of; Deck Log, GMDSS Radio Log and DP Log.
  • Mate/DPO is responsible for maintenance of equipment subject to the section. Shall also ensure that maintenance procedures are followed and maintenance program is updated.
  • Mate/DPO is responsible for continuously control of the installation’s stability (including the allocation of diesel, water and ballast), draught, anchor line tension, external forces (wind, sea and current), opening/ closing of watertight doors/hatches, monitoring fire alarms/gas detectors, the distribution of power consumption, machinery and equipment. New bullet shall assist the Stability Section Leader with daily updates of the load calculator.
  • Mate/DPO is in charge of daily maintenance, cleaning and operation of the CCR.
  • When opening manhole and watertight room, the Control Room Operator shall follow any specified orders/procedures provided by the Offshore Installation Manager/Stability Section Leader.
  • Mate/DPO is responsible for maintenance, recertification, delivery and training of users of portable gas monitoring equipment.
  • Mate/DPO is responsible for delivery/registration/training in the use of UHF’s and fittings, as well as sending any defect equipment ashore and procuring new equipment in consultation with the Stability Section Leader/Offshore Installation Manager.
  • Mate/DPO is responsible for ensuring that the duties which fall under this position are performed in accordance with procedures, checklists, rules and regulations.
  • Mate/DPO shall monitor the installation’s fire/gas monitoring system and shall undertake internal notification according to notification routines.
  • Mate/DPO shall ensure that current regulations and procedures relating to the unit’s stability are followed during daily operations.
  • Mate/DPO is responsible for ensuring that all radio equipment are used in according to current international regulations.

DP specific duties/responsibilities

  • DPO shall continuously monitor the unit’s position and movement, as well as the weather and wave conditions.
  • DPO shall, when necessary, be able to take over manual control of the positioning.
  • DPO shall monitor maritime activities connected to the installation and be updated of positions for vessels and helicopters.
  • DPO shall communicate with ERO, Driller, ROV and Subsea in order to ensure safe operations. This includes the safe distribution of available power.
  • DPO shall update the DP logbook.
  • DPO shall carry out work in accordance with procedures, checklists and current regulations.
  • DPO is a continuous “standby position”. If relief is required the Offshore Installation Manager or Stability Section Leader should be contacted.
  • DPO is responsible for ensuring that the duties are performed in accordance with procedures, checklists, rules and regulations.
  • DPO is responsible for ensuring that the current provisions relating to the unit’s DP class are followed.
  • DPO is responsible for internal notification of positional changes in accordance with internal procedures and checklists.
  • DPO shall endure that the DP backup system is operational at all times.