Employment type: Permanent Employee

Contact person: Laura Fraser


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Engine Room Operator – MODU International

Published 22.02.2024

Are you interested in working Internationally?

Weare gauging interest for candidates who wish to work in the InternationalSector.

Positionsare based on a 28/28 rotation, and working worldwide.  Currently the unitsare working in Namibia, with Hercules scheduled for Canada in Q2 and Mira andBollsta remaining in the African Region.


  • STCW Engine Officer Cert. class 4/STCW III/1 – OOW Certificate
  • Systematic familiarisation/Competence Assessment(s) for position
  • Documented relevant practical experience from offshore/maritime operations
  • In compliance to the flag State competence requirements
  • In compliance to the continental shelf requirements
  • Fluent written/oral English language


  • ERO is responsible for reporting any discrepancies of the technical plant in its entirety to the Assistant Technical Section Leader.
  • ERO shall ensure that approved rig operating procedures are adhered to at all times.
  • ERO shall monitor and maintain all main engines and ancillary machinery involved in the rig’s maritime operations.
  • ERO shall monitor the power plants controls, power distribution and consumption – ensuring power is available at all times. Perform troubleshooting, problem solving and plan activities to prevent problems from occurring with the power plant, propulsion plant and auxiliary equipment on the vessel.
  • Responsible for updating engine logs.
  • ERO shall perform daily inspections and maintenance of the provisions refrigeration machinery.
  • ERO shall ensure housekeeping is maintained within the assigned areas.
  • ERO shall participate in maintenance work relating to the deck and drilling areas as instructed by Technical Section Leader/Chief Engineer.
  • Report all unsafe activities, situations, and potential hazards to supervisor.
  • ERO is responsible for ensuring that tools are available and in working order, and that there are sufficient spare parts for maintenance work. Any irregularities in connection with the above must be reported to the Assistant Technical Section Leader immediately.
  • ERO is responsible for familiarising themselves with the company’s quality assurance system and current maintenance system and for ensuring compliance with these systems in day-to-day operations.
  • ERO must be able to effectively use all safety and environmental tools employed by Odfjell (4-point check, Prompt card, PTW etc.)
  • ERO to actively participate in the Safety Management Systems
  • Actively participate in weekly rig and departmental safety meetings
  • ERO to instruct, train, direct and supervise Motorman and Environmental Engineer
  • ERO shall complete training requirements in a timely manner as per Odfjell training matrix.