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Contact person: Laura Fraser


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Electrician – MODU International

Published 22.02.2024

Are you interested in working Internationally?

Weare gauging interest for candidates who wish to work in the InternationalSector.

Positionsare based on a 28/28 rotation, and working worldwide.  Currently the unitsare working in Namibia, with Hercules scheduled for Canada in Q2 and Mira andBollsta remaining in the African Region.


  • Electrician shall satisfy the requirements related to formal education in accordance with international regulations for mobile offshore drilling units.
  • Certification as electro-automation technician, alternatively ship electrician or qualification as electrician with maritime technical module
  • ETO Certificate
  • Satisfy requirement for high-voltage competence on mobile offshore drilling unit with system voltage above 1000 VAC
  • Additional competence is required with respect to electrical installations in hazardous areas (Ex), rules and regulations, as well as system training specified tor the position.
  • Systematic familiarization/Competence Assessment(s) for position
  • Documented relevant experience from offshore/maritime operations
  • Fluent written/oral English language



  • Electrician is responsible for the operation, maintenance and repair of electrical systems and associated equipment on the unit.
  • Ensure that electrical systems comply with regulations.
  • Participate in the execution of multi-disciplinary maintenance.
  • Ensure compliance with the procedures relating to maintenance of the rig’s temporary equipment (electrical tools, etc).
  • Ensure compliance with the procedures relating to the rig’s electrical safety (equipment, etc.).
  • Housekeeping in the electrical workshop and other areas of responsibility.
  • Installation of new electrical equipment.
  • Control and hook-up of equipment, for service companies, to the rig systems.
  •  Update and report “red mark-up” for documentation related to onboard electrical systems and installations/equipment.
  • Execute planned/preventative maintenance in accordance with the company’s maintenance program and ensure that this is updated in the electronic maintenance system.
  • According to requirements specified in the FSE safety regulations, the on-duty electrician is delegated as the onboard operational leader and has specialist responsibility for the operation and maintenance of electrical installations.
  • Electrician is responsible for ensuring that work is carried out in a safe, professional manner in accordance with the safety provisions contained in the electrical regulations and the company’s and operator’s requirements/standards.
  • Carry out and record addition/removal of isolation to/from electrical equipment or electrically operated equipment that is maintained in accordance with the requirements given in the Permission to Work (PtW) system.
  •  Contribute to that stock is provided with the consumables, parts and tools necessary for execution of maintenance within his/her area of responsibility. System/equipment responsibilities, but not restricted are:
    • High voltage switchboards
    • Low voltage switchboards
    • MCC switchboards
    • UPS systems
    • Transformers
    • Generators
    • Electric motors
    • Drilling VFD
    • Thruster VFD
    • Lighting, plugs and heating
    • Galley equipment
    • Marine equipment-power
    • Drilling equipment-power
    • Above mentioned systems when integrated in 3rd party equipment