Employment type: Permanent Employee

Contact person: Laura Fraser


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Derrickman – MODU International

Published 22.02.2024

Are you interested in working Internationally?

Weare gauging interest for candidates who wish to work in the InternationalSector.

Positionsare based on a 28/28 rotation, and working worldwide.  Currently the unitsare working in Namibia, with Hercules scheduled for Canada in Q2 and Mira andBollsta remaining in the African Region.



  • Relevant education/certificate from technical or mechanical school/education
  • Systematic familiarisation/competence assessment(s) for position
  • Documented practical experience as roughneck/assistant Derrickman from permanent/floating installations
  • Fluent written/oral English language


  • Derrickman supervise the work for Assistant Derrickman.
  • Derrickman shall have overall responsibility for and perform required running maintenance in the pumproom, of drilling fluids and chemical mud additives.
  • Derrickman shall cooperate with Mud Engineer and mix mud chemicals on his orders.
  • Derrickman shall assist with pressure testing of mud manifold.
  • Derrickman shall, when required, assist on the drillfloor.
  • Derrickman is responsible for training of Assistant Derrickman.
  • Derrickman is responsible for checking the mud system and chemical additives.
  • Derrickman is responsible for equipment functioning and orderliness in the area.
  • Derrickman is responsible for registration/follow-up of stocks of spare parts.
  • Derrickman is responsible for maintenance, cleaning and control of/making safe derrick equipment.
  • Derrickman is responsible for having the correct setting on the Mudpumps pop off valve (Safety valve/Rupture disk).
  • Derrickman is responsible for recording running times for pump parts.
  • Derrickman is responsible for recording mud weight and viscosity