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ODL – Marketing and management services for Mira and Bollsta

Reference is made to the stock exchange notice made by Northern Ocean Ltd (“NOL”) this evening. Odfjell Drilling is pleased to inform that we are in agreement with NOL to provide marketing and management services for Mira and Bollsta as further described in their stock exchange notice.

Odfjell Drilling is privileged to be chosen for our strong operational track record and marketing excellence in securing work. We further view the cooperation with NOL as strategically important.

Odfjell Drilling will take over the responsibility for Mira no later than 1 February 2022, which currently is quayside Hanoytangen outside Bergen, Norway. Bollsta will finish its current contract with Lundin before handed over to Odfjell Drilling expected in Q1 2022.

For further information, we refer to NOL’s stock exchange notice.

Aberdeen, United Kingdom
23 December 2021
Odfjell Drilling Ltd


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