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Agreement beteen Odfjell Drilling and Total South Africa

Please be informed that due to ongoing restrictions related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Odfjell Drilling and Total South Africa have agreed that the semi-submersible Deepsea Stavanger will remain idle in Norway for a period prior to the mobilisation of the rig.

Odfjell Drilling will be compensated by Total during this idle time.

Once the idle period is complete, the rig will mobilise to South Africa to commence its charter as planned. 
The idle agreement is a reflection of both Parties’ commitment to proceed with the South Africa drilling program and shall provide the framework to navigate the current uncertainty.


For further queries, please contact:

Lynne Webster,
Corporate Secretary

+44 (0)7796 547889


Aberdeen, United Kingdom
19 May 2020
Odfjell Drilling Ltd.