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Deepsea Stavanger has commenced drilling on the Maria field

An important milestone was reached on 16 March when Odfjell Drilling received PSA’s Acknowledgement of Compliance (AoC) for Deepsea Stavanger.

On March 20th at 00:00 hrs. Deepsea Stavanger could start its contract and prepare to spud its first well on the Maria field, this was according to the earliest commencement date in the contract. The milestone has been reached throughout a tremendous effort by the onshore and offshore teams that have been involved in the project phase during the last year.  

Deepsea Stavanger left CCB on March 1st according to plan and has carried out “inshore testing” prior to start sailing to location on Wednesday March 15th.

Some final DP tests were performed during Sunday 19th, and the rig was accepted by Wintershall for startup of operations late Sunday evening.