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Share information

Odfjell Drilling Ltd. is an exempted company limited by shares incorporated under the laws of Bermuda. As a result, the rights of holders of the shares will be governed by Bermuda law and the Company’s memorandum of association and Bye-Laws.

The company is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange (OSE) under the ticker “ODL”.

The company has one class of shares, which all carries the same rights.

Read more information about the company’s shares at Oslo Stock Exchange


Facts about Odfjell Drilling shares:

Name: Odfjell Drilling Ltd.

Ticker: ODL

Instrument ID: 1300591

ISIN: BMG671801022

Segment: OBNW

Country of register: NO - Norway

Trading Currency: NOK

Exchange Market Size (EMS): 300

Face value: USD 0.01

Number of shares issued: 236 783 202

Odfjell Drilling Ltd. and its group companies do not hold any shares in Odfjell Drilling Ltd.

Independent auditors: KPMG

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