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Investor relations

Welcome to Odfjell Drilling`s Investor Relations pages.

The overall objective of our investor relations activities is to keep investors and the capital markets continuously informed about factors relevant for a fair valuation of the company's traded shares.



The Company has established guidelines for reporting to the market, and is committed to provide timely and precise information to its shareholders, Oslo Børs and the financial markets in general (through Oslo Børs’ information system).

Such information will be given in the form of annual reports, quarterly reports, press releases, notices to the stock exchange and investor presentations in accordance with what is deemed most suitable. The Company will attempt to clarify its long-term potential, including strategies, value drivers and risk factors. The Company will maintain an open and proactive policy for investor relations.

The Company is  publishing an annual, electronic finance calendar with an overview of the dates of important events such as the annual general meeting, publishing of interim reports, open presentations and payment of dividends.

Unless exceptions apply and are invoked, the Company will disclose all inside information. In all circumstances, the Company will provide information about certain events, e.g. by the Board of Directors and general meeting(s) concerning dividends, amalgamations, mergers/demergers or changes to the share capital, the issuing of subscription rights, convertible loans and all agreements of major importance that are entered into by the Company and related parties.

The Company has procedures for establishing discussions with important shareholders to enable the Board of Directors to develop a balanced understanding of the circumstances and focus of such shareholders. However, such discussions must be done in compliance with the provisions of applicable laws and regulations. Information to the Company’s shareholders is posted on the Company’s website at the same time that it is sent to the shareholders.

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