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Who do we employ?

As a respected provider of high quality drilling services to some of the leading names in the oil industry, Odfjell Drilling depends on the expertise and commitment of its valued team members across the globe. 

The following overview provides an insight into the variety of different positions that exist within Odfjell Drilling, both on- and offshore. 

Drilling crew

  • Toolpusher
  • Tourpusher
  • Driller
  • Assistant Driller
  • Derrickman
  • Crane Operator
  • Roughneck
  • Roustabout 

Maritime crew

  • Offshore Installation Manager
  • Platform Manager
  • Stability Manager
  • Control Room Operator
  • Safety Manager

Technical maintenance offshore

  • Technical Section Leader
  • Technical Assistant
  • Engine Room Operator
  • Rig Mechanic
  • Hydraulic Engineer
  • Rig Electrician/ Instrument Technician
  • Subsea engineer
  • Maintenance Supervisor
  • Welder

Casing crew offshore

Various roles revolving around the operation of remote and manually operated casing running and handling equipment, alongside duties to ensure that the makeup of casing and tubing is in accordance to thread manufacturing procedures (a task that requires Torque and Turn computers).

Workshop personnel

A variety of roles focusing on performing maintenance and servicing on all casing running and handling tools, in addition to maintenance of all down-hole rental tools. Warehousemen and technicians are also included in the workshop staff.

Administrative personnel

In our onshore organisation we have personnel in various positions, across different disciplines, tied in to the operation and administrative management of company activities.

The main areas are:

  • Operations and technical support
  • HR
  • QHSE
  • IT/ERP
  • Finance & economy
  • Salary
  • Purchase
  • Stock logistics
  • Market & sale

Engineering personnel

We employ engineers within these disciplines:

  • Crane/Lift/Structure
  • Electro/Instrument/Automation
  • Maintenance
  • Marine
  • Mechanical
  • Piping
  • Process
  • Subsea
  • Technical Safety
    • Project Managers
    • Planners
    • Estimators
    • Document Controllers

Competence Pool

Odfjell Drilling’s Competence Pool is a body of permanent employees used as substitutes in connection with sickness, leave and course participation for employees in fixed offshore rotation. Employees of Competence Pool are also available to be used as extra staff during periods of unforeseen activity/requirements for the company. This department mainly consists of employees in the fields of drilling, engineering and maritime studies.

In connection with manning specific positions, we recruit personnel into the Competence Pool wherever necessary training courses and offshore activities are carried out. When there are vacancies on a permanent offshore shift, we utilise personnel from the Competence Pool. In periods of reduced activity in the company, personnel may be temporarily transferred to the Competence Pool to avoid lay-offs and redundancies. The size of the Competence Pool is customised to match the needs of the company.

The Competence Pool has trainee programs that qualify personnel for positions as Subsea Engineers and Materials Managers. We can offer job training, education, appointments and courses to qualify workers for positions in the training period. After completing the training program, employees are offered an eligible position, either in the Competence Pool or on one of the Company's offshore units.