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High performance drilling tools meeting the strictest quality standards​

Odfjell Well Services is a major supplier of drilling tubulars and related accessories to the rental market.

The company has contracts with most major operators and rig contractors, including a major Pan European contract with Shell. Equipment is supplied to floaters, jack-ups, platforms, drillships and landrigs.

  • Drill pipe (Both range 2 and 3 and High Torque Connections)
  • Tubing
  • Jars / shock tools (Hydraulic and Hydro mechanical Type)
  • HW/ drill collars
  • Non magnetic equipment Flexweight, Drill Collars, Stabilizers, X-Overs
  • Steel Stabilizers / roller reamers
  • Steel Valves / x-overs
  • Fishing and abandonment tools
  • Well bore clean out tools
  • Hole Openers- Both Single and Two Stage Types

New equipment
Odfjell Well Services has invested heavily in new equipment. All new drill strings and related equipment are produced in accordance with the NS-1 standard. All equipment is inspected in accordance with NS-2, in order to meet the most stringent client requirements. We have adopted NS-2 as our standard inspection level.


Management of tool packages
Odfjell Well Services is capable of delivering everything from an individual stock item to taking full responsibility of a complete drill string, including all equipment necessary for running and handling the string.