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Onshore Operations Centres (OOC)

Odfjell Drilling has a corporate focus on continuous improvement through the principles of integrated operations . We utilise modern IT technology to facilitate a collaborative environment, whereby offshore expertise combines with onshore support to deliver optimum results for our clients.


Effective collaboration, advanced technology and a dedication to the philosophy of continual improvement are the keys to Odfjell Drilling’s high level of operational efficiency. Together these elements facilitate what we call integrated operations.


This system, which forms an important building block in our ‘zero fault philosophy’, allows us to achieve safer and more efficient operations through improved work processes.


Integrated operations allows us to create one platform where our onshore staff can work seamlessly alongside our offshore teams. This leads to safer operations, improved work processes and greater efficiency.

How does it work?
Odfjell Drilling has dedicated itself to developing a highly efficient management system that delivers enhanced drilling operations through effective on- and offshore collaboration.


Odfjell Drilling runs an Onshore Operations Centre facility, where skilled staff with lengthy offshore experience, provide planning and engineering expertise and support to offshore crews. Using IT and communication technology to share information and data sets for analysis, preventive and corrective actions and problem solving, allow them to work together to deliver first class results – in terms of operational performance, but also with regard to QHSE standards.


Odfjell Drilling launched this innovative management system in 2007, when Statoil-operated Snorre B was the first platform to utilise integrated operations through our Onshore Operations centres. The on-going results, and positive collaborative working environment, has clearly demonstrated the power and efficiency of this approach.


Together the two units combine to create one highly effective operational body. From a client perspective, this operations model leads to an optimal allocation of personell and competence between the onshore and offshore organisation.


  • QHSE and operational hands-on focus offshore
  • Integrated planning onshore
  • Minimised administrative tasks offshore​

Odfjell Drilling is continuously developing and optimising the offshore operations model with the aim of obtaining the safest, optimal and most efficient operations for our customers. By including operations, condition-based maintenance management and logistics in an onshore operation model, we aim to cover the complete chain and maximise results.


The offshore operations model provides a collaborative environment that enables: 

  • Transfer of administrative tasks onshore, allowing offshore personnel to increase their operational focus
  • Improved collaboration between onshore and offshore and with customers and suppliers
  • Integrated operational and maintenance planning onshore
  • Onshore troubleshooting and technical advice
  • Onshore participation in audits and investigations
  • Experience transfer between operations
  • Broader competence more readily available
  • Continuous onshore support by experienced operational personnel