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Odfjell Drilling helps customers prepare their rigs for worldwide operations

Our Compliance Assurance Services Group consists of experts on flag states, port states and the requirements of petroleum authorities in different countries all over the world. Through dedicated support we help our customers prepare their rigs for a new country or a new customer.


  • Compliance services with regards to flag state, port state and class society
  • Survey and audits of rig projects
  • Safety Case Assessments
  • Modification projects based on end-customer requirements
  • Certified lead assessors (ISO 9001/ISO 14001)


We also perform surveys and audits of our customers assets in order to prepare them for safety and GAP analyses relating to suggested operating areas. Based on data from such surveys and audits, we plan and execute modifications of the different rigs in order to meet all contractual requirements from the end-customer and to achieve an acknowledgment of compliance (AOC certificate) from the authorities.


Because we constantly maintain a strong focus on both technical and operational elements, we are able to provide our customers with smoother implementation of new operations.