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Mobile Offshore Drilling Units

Odfjell Drilling prides itself on its past heritage, present fleet and future potential in the field of mobile offshore drilling units (MODUs).

Through 40 years of operational success in harsh environments - with semi-submersibles, drillships, jack-ups and modular drilling units - the firm has accrued enormous experience and expertise.

It has now utilised this managerial and operational understanding to create the market’s most technologically advanced fleet, unlocking new potential, value and horizons for our customer base.

Our ‘Zero Fault Philosophy’ is the cornerstone of all operations, as Odfjell Drilling’s QHSE-dedicated team members strive to achieve optimum performances (whatever the conditions) and contribute towards continual operational improvements.

We are proud to acknowledge that we are now the preferred choice for outstanding MODU operations in the North Sea and beyond – providing extreme performance, extreme reliability and extreme value, in extreme environments everywhere.

In 2015 Odfjell Drilling's two GVA semisubmersibles Deepsea Stavanger and Deepsea Atlantic was awarded the two most prestigious long-term contracts for harsh environment drilling operations in the North Sea. Together with Deepsea Aberdeen, operating for BP West of Shetland in the North Atlantic, all Odfjell Drilling's harsh environment mobile drilling units will in the years to come, operate in the most demanding environment

Designed by experience, operated with expertise
In recent years Odfjell Drilling has invested heavily in the renewal of its company fleet. We understand that technology is one of the keys to delivering value and realising our customers’ ambitions. With this in mind, we have acquired absolutely state-of-the-art sixth generation ultra deepwater drilling units to conduct the most efficient, reliable and effective operations possible.

Odfjell Drilling understands that knowledge is power. That means we never begin from scratch when building a new rig, but rather incorporate all of our 40 years of rig know-how and market understanding and foresight into each newbuild. This, when brought together with our skilled personnel and cutting edge management systems, allows us to attain the most highly-functional and complete operational units in the marketplace.

The firm’s extensive experience has not only given us an intimate understanding of our clients’ businesses and requirements, and how to satisfy them, but also how we can work together to achieve true quality and minimize risk. We are committed to achieving world-class QHSE standards and carefully managing any potentially harmful impacts on the environment.

This provides a platform for our continued success and enduring relationships with customers around the world.

The environment – a clear priority
All Odfjell Drilling newbuilds are designed for environmentally sensitive areas, and the utmost importance has been attached to zero discharge, low emissions, and electrical solutions to reduce onboard oil volumes and any associated pollution risks.