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Vision & values

Odfjell Drilling – chosen for experience and expertise

Odfjell Drilling is a leading international drilling company. It has established its position in the industry through over four decades of operational success in some of the most challenging natural environments on earth.

Based in Norway, with operations across the globe, we are proud to offer our clients an absolutely state-of-the-art fleet of semi-submersible rigs. Our integrated business model – spanning drilling, well services and engineering – allows us to provide a comprehensive portfolio of services to some of the world’s foremost energy companies.

Our extensive experience has enabled us to build segment-leading expertise in the field of ultra deepwater and harsh environment drilling. We implicitly understand the unique challenges of the sector, and how to meet them through a combination of talented, knowledgeable staff and the most technologically advanced drilling assets in the industry.

Odfjell Drilling is now, and will continue our ambition to be, a preferred, trusted and safe business partner for its valued customers. We are chosen by them, and by our employees and suppliers because we have high ambitions and. We are chosen for our experience and expertise.

Core values
Odfjell Drilling has identified five core corporate values that help define and instruct our business. These shared values form the foundations of the company – allowing us to grow, meet fresh challenges, continually develop technology, and work with new people in a manner that supports our culture, objectives and high organisational standards.

By staying true to these values we believe we can continue meeting requirements, delivering on promises and surpassing expectations.

We will develop committed and motivated employees who will focus on providing customer satisfaction at the same time as achieving our company’s goals.

Safety conscious
We will operate in such a manner that our employees, partners, customers and owners can be assured that safety is at the centre of all we undertake.

We will be forward-looking and creative in finding new ways of handling challenges that result in safer and more effective solutions.

We will deliver products and services of the highest quality by providing state-of-the-art management systems and highly qualified personnel.

Result oriented
We will focus on financial discipline by being competitive and by delivering superlative results to our owners and customers.

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