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VALUING SAFETY CHOICES                                                                                                           Safety is a cornerstone in Odfjell Drilling and Safety Conscious one of our five Core Values. The industry is changing, and it is our common responsibility to strengthen the high level of safety built up over many years.


To succeed in this, the value of safety must be a major player in all decision making. Without a safe operation, life and health, important assets and values will be at risk.

Leadership, good risk understanding and continuous focus on safety are essential. The systematic work of improving HSE never ends. We have to work purposefully and relentlessly to strengthen safety in our activities, whether in OWS, MODU, PDR or ODT.

The corporate main priorities in 2021 are:

  • Prevent well control incidents
  • Optimise dropped object management
  • Step up human factors awareness
  • Strengthen control of work
  • Simplify and standardize
  • Digitalise tools and processes
  • Enhance cyber security
  • Strengthen client and supplier collaboration
  • Minimise environmental impact
  • Reduce carbon footprint


We know a safe operation is also an efficient one, and it is important and necessary to work with safety as an integrated part of our operations.