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Supplier Relations

Warning : We have received reports of attempts being made to trap unwary parties into releasing funds, based on fraudulent documents, which are made to seem as if they are originating from Odfjell Drilling. Odfjell Drilling have a strict system of vetting and approving suppliers and will not make email requests that suppliers make payment to or on behalf of Odfjell Drilling


Odfjell Drilling is committed to deliver services, expertise and exceptional quality that our customers require.  Our customers understand our abilities - as we implicitly understand their business goals and requirements. This has allowed us to cement our market position and build long-lasting, knowledgeable and trusted relationships with our clients.

Odfjell Drilling recognize our suppliers as important partners in upholding such commitment, and futher acknowledges the importance of continuously developing a global network of qualified suppliers. We are interested in both international suppliers seeking to support us across the countries in which we operate and local suppliers.

These pages provide important information about the supplier requirements, and which values that is important for a close and productive relationship with Odfjell Drilling.


What do we purchase?
Odfjell Drilling procure products and services within the following categories:

  • Drilling equipment and accompanying spares
  • Maintenance service and support
  • Certification, integration, inspection and testing
  • Marine services
  • Engineering
  • Information technology
  • Consultancy
  • Transportation/logistics
  • On-site subcontracted activities


What do we value?
In developing the network of qualified suppliers Odfjell Drilling aim to deal with suppliers and manufacturers that are able to demonstrate:

  • Compliance towards Code of Business Conduct
  • High level of quality standards
  • Competitive pricing
  • Excellent service level and delivery performance
  • Proactive after-sales support
  • Lean supply chain management


Becoming a supplier
As we do understand our client's requirements, we similarly expect our suppliers to understand Odfjell Drilling's requirements. A potential supplier should be familiar with our current activities in order to best promote their services and how such contribution will comply with our values and bring added value to our services. Further, Odfjell Drilling promotes the use of cost efficient and innovative solutions relevant to our business and therefore invite suppliers to come forward with relevant proposals. All valuable inquiries will be reviewed at corporate level and be addressed within the relevant departments before a potential prequalification process begin.

Prequalification Process
Potential suppliers that are not yet a part of Odfjell Drilling's supply base are to conduct an initial and brief registration process with our SCM department covering basic contact and company information. The registration process takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Such registry does not mean that the potential supplier automatically will be prequalified as a supplier to Odfjell Drilling. After having been registrered as a potential supplier, your company may then be further shortlisted for the prequalification process.

The prequalification process is conducted through the Odfjell Drilling - "Become A Supplier", a web based system which covers questionnaires. Each application is evaluated in terms of risk and criticality; hence more detailed information may be requested during the evaluation process.

When the prequalification process is completed and if an approval has been achieved, the supplier will be incorporated into the Approve Vendor List which will be made available in our ERP system.