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Become a supplier

The Supply Chain Management (SCM) pages have been created to facilitate effective communication between Odfjell Drilling and our suppliers. These pages provide important information about SCM. In addition, potential suppliers that we have yet to work with can use the Supplier Form to submit specific information about their businesses and services to our supplier database.

Supply Chain Management in general
Odfjell Drilling has built up a network of highly skilled, reliable and result-orientated suppliers around our activities, leading to competitive advantages for our clients and stakeholders. Our supplier base is essential for our success; it guarantees high quality, accurate deliveries and optimal cost efficiency.

Odfjell Drilling puts a lot of effort into continuously improving internal processes and supporting our suppliers. Together, we have a joint objective of finding and adopting best practices. The purpose of our sourcing process is to ensure that we select the correct suppliers providing equipment, parts and services with excellent Quality, Delivery and Cost. We are constantly searching for new suppliers who meet our demands and who would like to join this supplier base.

International operations
Odfjell Drilling undertakes activities in a variety of locations around the world. This gives suppliers the valuable opportunity to work with us in different markets. We are always looking for new suppliers who can meet our requirements and help us achieve our business goals - providing the highest quality products and services at competitive prices for our customers worldwide.

What do we purchase?
The major purchase categories in Odfjell Drilling are drilling equipment and accompanying spares, maintenance service and support, certification, integration, inspection and testing, and marine service (mooring). In addition, Odfjell Drilling purchases services in areas such as engineering, information technology, consultancy, transportation/logistics, and on-site subcontracted activities. Furthermore, Odfjell Drilling purchases complete equipment and systems for semi-submersible rigs and drillships. Purchasing of services and materials for internal use is also an essential part of our business.

Become a supplier
Prospective suppliers are invited to submit information to our supplier database by filling in the Supplier Form.

All information submitted will be used with the utmost discretion. We will consider your business in relation to our needs and contact you as soon as possible. Fields indicated with an asterisk (*) are compulsory. However, the more information you provide in the remaining fields, the better the foundation we will have for understanding your business and for taking further action.

Link to Supplier Form